With a remarkably versatile four collections,
LUMINA STONE is a journey from myth to reality, from legend to clarity.

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LUMINA STONE features the utility of the progress and technology, guided by spirit of the Century of Light, to contribute to the well-being of society. With a remarkably versatile four collections, LUMINA STONE is a journey from myth to reality, from legend to clarity.


LUMINA STONE was born to illuminate the decor sector with unique and surprising proposals.

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Nurturing and enhancing team building, partnership and leadership is what makes a brand great. In LUMINA STONE we firmly believe in the inestimable value of our people, a positive role that extends beyond cooperation to ensure our product will meet the expectations of our partners and customers. Our hefty research and development teams are committed to constantly invest in progress, not only focusing on the newest technology but also in our people and the communities we work with, launching LUMINA STONE as one of the strongest brands in the stone industry.
LUMINA STONE was born to illuminate the interior design decorative sector with bright, fresh and elegant new palette. And let´s be honest, our challenge has been complex and profound, however we have succeeded to present the perfect design, a combination of technology, creativity, passion and art symbolized in four amazing collections with a unique color composition and incomparable quality.
Actively engaged with innovation, in LUMINA STONE we provide opportunities for collaboration, exploration and development in creative experiences which will boost thinking creatively, with the enthusiasm and conviction that achieving the impossible is possible.


NEO by LUMINA STONE brings the style, luxury and sobriety
of those unique designs capable of drawing attention in every space
where it is through a unique composition of colors, and an incomparable quality. 


Opticks is the new impulse of LUMINA STONE 
to the neutral and elegant spaces of not only a home
but the place where dreams and desires come true, where everything is authentic


In this way, VERITAS, offers all its splendor in a real, free, natural
and manifest way. It is an authentic color,
without traps that comes to reveal the true personality
of who shares it in his home with those who wish to delight in him and with him.


LUMINA STONE discovers VOLTAIRE collection
inspired by the innovative, travelling and cosmopolitan character
of this great figure, with a range of cheerful
and energic colors that will transform any
environment into a new, fresh and revealing space.