LUMINA STONE was born with the intention of illuminating the decoration sector with unique and surprising proposals.

LUMINA STONE features the utility of the progress and technology, guided by spirit of the Century of Light, to contribute to the well-being of society. With a remarkably versatile collection, LUMINA STONE is a journey from myth to reality, from legend to clarity.

Neo Collection

Optciks Collection

Veritas Collection

Voltaire Collection

LUMINA STONE celebrates its presence in Australia!

Last Thursday 5th March, Lumina Stone was presented in Melbourne hosted by Zenstone to show 4 stunning versatile collections: NEO, OPTICKS, VERITAS and VOLTAIRE characterized by bringing the look of high-end natural stone, but also stylish new concrete cement and revolutionary metallic patterns in three exquisite textures: Polished, S-Tech Matt or S-Tech Leather, all of them to complement any design aesthetic, residential or commercial.
This exhibition has been a perfect occasion to meet designers, architects and other professionals to create and strengthen relationships and business development.
Guests were amazed by the brightness, freshness and elegance that Lumina Stone brings to Victoria.
This valuable presentation launches Lumina Stone as one of the most reliable and strongest brands in the stone industry, and provides customers with the best of the engineered stone market.
After the warm response to the first edition for Lumina Stone in Australia, Lumina Stone would like to thank attendees and Zenstone for making this event possible and looks forward to meeting you again next time.